Cleaning and Repair of Ethnographic & Archeological Artifacts

With a BA in archaeology, John Allen has a longstanding interest in the conservation of archaeological and ethnographic artifacts. Made from a wide array of organic and inorganic materials, these items can provide many challenges to sensitive, effective treatments. The need to prevent further deterioration of an artifact must be balanced against preserving its original structure and the intent of its maker.
Over-restoration must be avoided and any removal of original material or the addition of modern materials must be carefully considered. Knowledge of the original methods of construction and materials used and the long term effect of any changes made during conservation must be carefully considered.  
  • Cleaning and Repair
  • Treatment of metals to prevent further corrosion
  • Treatment of organic materials such as Wood, Bone, Ivory and Leather

“The chest is beautiful. You did a magnificent job.”
— R.P., Raleigh