Antique Picture Frame Repair in Raleigh

Restoring antique gold frames requires unique knowledge of the materials used and highly sensitive color matching and carving skills. Owner John Allen specialized in frame repair while working in the conservation lab at the North Carolina Museum of History.

Traditional picture frames were made of gesso, either cast or carved to shape and  supported by a wood frame. The gesso was then decorated with gold leaf, water gilding or oil gilding. These delicate materials are easily damaged and require expert restoration for an invisible repair. Loose and cracked gesso is consolidated, missing material is either cast from matching undamaged areas of the frame or carved. The gold leaf or gilding is then carefully matched for an undetectable repair.

  • Structural repairs
  • Casting of replacement components

“Thank you so much for your quick, wonderful service. We like your conscientious and sincere work.”
— S.G. Raleigh