Residential Antique Restoration, Repair & Refinishing Services in Raleigh

Capital Restoration provides museum quality restoration services combining authentic period materials and methods and modern science. Minor repairs can be carried out at your home while complex restorations are completed at our fully equipped studio.
A full treatment report is prepared for each restoration including the materials and methods used. All work is carried out in-house. Each piece which comes into our studio is unique and is carefully examined and evaluated and receives a custom treatment.
Different wood species respond best to different finishing materials and processes to bring out their unique character and beauty. A finish which is appropriate for a dining room table would not be suitable for a small decorative wood item. A small, custom studio can provide this attention to detail often impossible in larger, high volume establishments.
Services offered for antiques and fine modern pieces:

  • Furniture refinishing
  • Furniture repairs including replicating missing components
  • Veneer and inlay repair
  • Picture frame repair
  • Cleaning of Oil Paintings
  • Decorative arts restoration