Furniture Refinishing in Raleigh NC

There is an art to refinishing a wooden item so as to achieve its full potential of depth, richness, and warmth. The character of woods varies greatly from the robust look of oak to the delicate patterning of highly figured tiger maple.

Different woods respond best to different types of dyes, stains, and finishes. For example, old, air-dried American Walnut comes alive with a seal coat of amber shellac, a traditional natural finish, while a coat of modern waterborne lacquer will produce a washed-out appearance.

Each piece of furniture that comes into Capital Restoration, receives its own finish schedule depending on its species, figure, and condition. A finish schedule may have twelve or more steps where the color may be built up in several layers to create more appearance of depth.

An initial aniline dye can be sealed with a shellac seal coat, then followed by a stain. This in turn is coated with clear lacquer followed by a coat of delicately tinted lacquer and finally with several coats of clear lacquer. This process takes longer, but it is the difference between an ordinary and a truly spectacular finish.

The rich patination of aged antique finishes can also be simulated. Darker stains can be applied to the recesses of carvings and moldings causing them to "pop".

Six Step Furniture Refinishing Process

  1. Hand strip finish
  2. Two coats of sealer
  3. Hand sand wood surfaces
  4. Three coats of finish
  5. Stain or color match
  6. Hand or machine buff to desired sheen

“John and his team do a terrific job. They are quick to respond and stand behind their work 100%. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who cares about quality”
— D.W. Apex

Furniture refinishing