Exotic Material Restoration in Raleigh

Thankfully, the animals which provided traditional decorative materials such as ivory and tortoiseshell are now protected species under international law. When antiques are missing such material there are two legal and ethical alternatives.

Reclaimed materials from antiques which are too badly damaged to be repaired are available and there are also resin facsimiles of ivory and tortoiseshell which closely resemble the original.

Mother-of-pearl is is still harvested in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses. There are a number of specialized techniques used with these materials such as gently heating tortoiseshell so that it can be bent into curves. Ivory can be carved and turned to replicate missing parts.

  • Tortoise-Shell Restoration, Consolidation and Repair and Synthetic Replacement
  • Ivory Restoration, Consolidation and Synthetic Replacement
  • Mother-of-Pearl Repair and Replacement
  • Precious Metal Conservation

“Thank you for your high-quality work. The repairs were perfect”
— G.S. Raleigh