Period Reproduction and Custom Furniture Maker in Raleigh NC

Capital Restoration can create exact replicas of period pieces. Whether a customer needs to add additional chairs to their set or make duplicates of a family heirloom they can expect the smallest details to be reproduced with the finest materials available.

For large wood panels such as table tops, extra wide boards are hand selected and their unique figure carefully arranged in a visually pleasing manner. Owner John Allen works with area saw mills to obtain locally sourced, quality hardwoods such as oak, walnut and cherry. Imported hardwoods are ethically obtained from sustainable sources.

Reclaimed wood is also available for appropriate projects. Many styles of antique furniture used veneer to create geometric patterns and the repetition of the same wood figure which can not be achieved with solid lumber. These veneers where laid over solid wood panels and warping and dimensional stability have often resulted leading to cracked and lifting veneer.

In his modern reproductions, John uses dimensionally stable modern substrates to support the veneer and to avoid these problems. Carving, turning and inlay services are also available to increase the number of traditional styles available to our customers.


“Your workmanship has restored a one hundred year old chair that I though was destroyed forever.”
— R.P., Raleigh