Five Reasons to Buy Antique and Vintage Furniture

Five Reasons to Buy Antique and Vintage Furniture

1. Price & Value: Since there is a large supply of antique and vintage furniture on the market prices are historically low for most periods and styles. An exception is Mid Century Modern furniture where recent high demand has driven up prices, especially for certain designers and manufacturers.

2. Quality of Materials: Antique and vintage furniture are generally better made than contemporary furniture. Antique furniture is made from solid wood and real wood veneers while vintage furniture often uses plywood with quality veneer faces. Modern furniture may contain particle board and faux surfaces that cannot be repaired when they are damaged. It is often designed to ship in a flat package and is held together with fasteners instead of traditional joinery.

3. Variety: With antiques, you have an entire world of styles, cultures, and materials to choose from and explore. From intricately carved, delicate manufactured pieces to rustic, country pieces there is a style for everyone. Many species of wood have been used over the centuries each with its own character. You can mix and match antiques and modern to create your own, unique space which reflects your own personality and interests.

4. Sustainability: Buying antique furniture does not require the utilization of new resources slowing deforestation and energy consumption. Antiques last longer and do not end up in landfills as they can typically be resold. Modern furniture is usually manufactured overseas adding to its carbon footprint due to long-distance shipping.

5. It’s Fun!: Whether seeking out hidden gems in local antique stores or searching sales online, the hunt for a unique treasure can be exciting and rewarding. And if you find that perfect piece but it needs some TLC, you can rely on Capital Restoration for an expert assessment and restoration to give it a new lease on life!

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