Buying Antiques for Sustainability

Buying Antiques for Sustainability

Consumers are increasingly turning to antique and vintage furniture to furnish their homes in a sustainable way that decreases harm to the environment. Antique furniture is often better made and easier to restore than contemporary furniture and it can be enjoyed for a lifetime. An antique can be passed on to future generations or resold to a new owner who will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Antiques do not require the use of new resources. Their continued use helps reduce deforestation, mining for metals, and other harmful exploitation of natural resources. A decreased demand for new furniture also saves on the use of energy, toxic chemicals, and landfills.

Modern furniture is typically shipped from overseas requiring large amounts of energy. Many of the less expensive pieces are poorly designed and made of inferior materials. Their lifespan is measured in a few years rather than generations. Clearly, there will always be a need for new furniture, but neglecting the tremendous resource that antique and vintage furniture represents is wasteful.


Capital Restoration is proud to help provide sustainable furniture options by restoring antique pieces whether they are new purchases or family heirlooms.

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